Mr Chris Bevan

Associate Professor in Property Law; Barrister (Middle Temple); SFHEA; FRSA


Chris Bevan is Associate Professor in Property Law, Durham Law School. Prior to entering academia, Chris practised as a common law barrister specialising in matters of land, housing and family law. Chris graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2007 with degrees in both Modern Languages and Law and was awarded his MA (Cantab.) in 2012. Chris has experience as a Tutor on the BPTC (the barrister professional training course) and maintains strong connections with the world of legal practice. Chris is Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy; author of the acclaimed textbook, Land Law (2nd Edn published March 2020); won ‘Lecturer of the Year’ in 2017 and, in 2015, was awarded the prestigious Lord Dearing Award for outstanding, world-class contribution to enhancing the student experience. Chris is an invited member of the esteemed Academic Panel at 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square Chambers, London and, in 2018, was nominated to Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts.

Chris’ research interests are situated on the intersection between land, housing and social welfare law. Chris has published widely on matters of domestic land law, social housing, housing legislation in its broadest sense and homelessness. Chris’ scholarship has appeared in leading law journals including The Modern Law Review, Law Quarterly Review, The Cambridge Law Journal, The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer and Child and Family Law Quarterly.


Land Law and Property

Housing & Homelessness Law and Policy

Trusts and Equity


Authored books

Bevan, Chris (2020). Land Law (2nd Ed), Oxford University Press.

Chapters in book

Bevan, Chris (2015). Challenging Home as a Concept in Modern Property Law post-Stack and Kernott. In Modern Studies In Property Law Volume 8. Barr, Warren Hart. 

Journal Articles

Bevan, Chris (2021). Governing “The Homeless” in English Homelessness Legislation: Foucauldian Governmentality and the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017. Housing, Theory & Society

Bevan, Chris (2021). Reconceptualising Homelessness Legislation in England. The Modern Law Review

Bevan, Chris, & Darlington, Elizabeth (2019). Challenging a TR1 Express Declaration of Trust: Setting the Record Straight. Family Law

Bevan, Chris (2019). Improving Housing Conditions in the Private and Social Rented Sectors: The Homes (Fit for Human Habitation) Act 2018 ‐ Fit for Habitation but Fit for Purpose?. The Modern Law Review 82(5): 897-921.

Bevan, Chris (2019). Opening Pandora's box?: recreation pure and simple: easements in the Supreme Court: Regency Villas Title Ltd v Diamond Resorts (Europe) Ltd. Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 83(1): 44-59.

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